Personalise patient information and automate objection management

Install a transparency platform to make personalised patient information and the management of their objections easier.

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Personalise patient information

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    Secure patient identification via the France Connect portal
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    Secure storage of personal data in accordance with CNIL regulations
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    Access to the list of projects using a patient's data
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    Personalised information for patients on the use of their data in your warehouse and research projects
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    Opt-out in just a few clicks
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    Automatic stop effective within 24 hours

Make it easy to manage objections

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    Automatic link between the establishment's research projects and patient identities
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    Automatic link between the establishment's research projects and patient identities
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    Simplify management of patient status: information, refusal, etc.
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    Alert the project owner in the event of a refusal
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    Automatic data deletion based on patient choice
    • Refuse the use of his data in a specific study
    • Complete data usage refusal

Secure identification with France Connect

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    A secure and robust method of identification
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    Possibility of identifying yourself with a code generated by the hospital
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    Dual authentication with the IPP (Permanent Patient Identifier) or INS (National Health Identity), depending on the establishment's choice
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“It's a fantastic transparency portal that's easy to set up and meets regulatory requirements.”
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Sophie Sebille
GHU Paris Psychiatrie

Automate patient information makes objection management easier



Connect codoc transparency to your health data warehouse


Patient information

Your patients are automatically informed about projects in the Health Data Warehouse


Objection monitoring

Track objections to warehouse projects using your administrator interface and avoid sending out paper letters


Deleting data

The data concerned by the objection is automatically deleted from the studies and the warehouse.

Integrated with your health data warehouse, codoc transparency streamlines the process of automatically notifying patients and managing their objections to any projects that use their data.

Whenever a patient objects, the project initiator is informed, and the patient's data is deleted from the study. If the patient objects to the health data warehouse retaining their data, it will no longer be available for consultation.

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