Centralise and standardise your data with the health data warehouse

With the codoc health data warehouse solution, you can group your data under an OMOP model, support the development of your clinical research activity, develop your industrial projects, boost your establishment's appeal, and make it easier to manage your activity.

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Integrate data into your warehouse

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Benefit from codoc's experience developing connectors adapted to the main source solutions available on the market and in the various medical specialities.

Data harmonisation and interoperability

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With the OMOP format, you can simplify and speed up data sharing to develop your multi-centric and industrial projects.

Enhancement and cleaning

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Summarise your reports into a collection of medical concepts to enhance the richness and quality of your data warehouse, thus facilitating easier identification and analysis.

Deployment and commissioning

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Get personalised support throughout the roll-out and codoc feedback on your governance. This will ensure that your data warehouse is put to good use and that the professionals in your establishment get the most out of it.

All codoc solutionsare based on more than 10 years of research and development in healthcare data for translational research at Institut Imagine, at the heart of their Data Science platform.

Establishments equipped with the codoc suite and its health data warehouse have now generated more than 80 medical publications.

Benefit from our data integration expertise

Collecting and enhancing your data for medical research is precision work. We have already developed over a hundred connectors for the source solutions available on the market and in various medical specialities.


“The codoc solution is a good tool to visualise and create cohorts within a health data warehouse. Over the course of a year, we set up data integration with 12 different business Apps, using hl7 flows and queries directly on the database.”

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Sophie Sebille
GHU Paris Psychiatrie

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Make the most of your warehouse data with our software

Today, health data is essential to advance research and improve patient care. Therefore, codoc wanted to make the reuse of health data accessible to as many people as possible.

Discover our App suite below:

Make it easier to access and study your organization's data

Give your teams an easy-to-use App with all the tools they need to accelerate and make the reuse of health data easier in your organisation.

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Automate patient information and objection management

Install a transparency platform to make personalised patient information and the management of their objections easier.

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All our solutions are designed to comply with the CNIL's standards, guaranteeing compliance with the formalities required by the administrative authority throughout the value chain.

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