The App hat makes health data research projects easier and faster

Connected to your warehouse or database, the codoc research hub App combines all the tools you need to speed up your research and care projects.

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Make access to data in your establishment easier

The codoc research hub App allows you tosimplify access to data and its use by as many people as possible and promote your data study projects for research and care purposes.

Quick access to datasets
Improve patient care monitoring
Encourage the development ofmulti-centric projects

"We knew we had a lot of data, but we didn't know when or where was the right moment for healthcare professional to use it. With codoc, we understand how to conduct clinical and paramedical research withinour establishment using the health data we produce.”

Avec codoc, nous avons travaillé ensemble pour développer la recherche clinique et paramédicale au sein de notre établissement grâce aux données de santé que nous produisons. “

Stéphane Pierrefitte
Deputy Director General of GHU Paris Psychiatrie & Neurosciences

20 years

of history per establishment on average, accessible in a matter of seconds


Multiply the number of your retrospective studies by up to 3

Accelerate medical research projects

Thanks to its many features, the codoc research hub App speeds up every stage of research projects: identifying relevant data, data visualisation and studies, restructuring and feeding eCRFs, and secure workspaces.

Use the power of multimodal search
Quickly create specific cohorts
Make it easier to study data
Secure workspaces

"I can get an idea of the number of patients affected by my hypothesis in just a few minutes, querying ten times as many documents. Before, getting an answer would take several days and would be based on only a fraction of the available data.”

Marc Fischler
Head of the Anaesthesia, Emergency, and Intensive Care Unit - Hôpital Foch

Improve patient care

Connected to your health data warehouse, the codoc research hub App lets you thoroughly dig through all your data, analysea case, and structure the best care plan.

  • 360° view of patient records
  • Support for RCP
  • Includes patients in existing cohorts
  • Identifies patients eligible for inclusion in clinical research project
  • Automatic extraction of medical concepts from patient records

"An incredibly useful tool—well done to the team! For example, we're constantly using it for clinical research and identifying cases similar to the patients we're treating!”

Françoise Denoyelle
Head of the ENT Department at Necker Hospital    

3 min

In 3 minutes, carry out a feasibility study based on the data produced during the treatment.

A single interface to make it easier for as many people as possible to use data

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