codoc expertise for all your projects

codoc's expertise is based on more than 10 years of research and development carried out by Institut Imagine's Data Science platform. 

The solutions developed by codoc are used in French health and research establishments and are currently cited in over 80 scientific publications.

Health data integration

Guaranteed data quality integration

Drawing on our experience in hospitals, we've developed connectors for most software publishers on the market and for publishers and databases that are no longer maintained. 

Our integration methodology is flexible and adapts to each establishment's data format. For each data source, a validation is carried out with a business referent to ensure the quality and completeness of the integrated data.

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Health data regulation

Ensuring your compliance with CNIL standards

codoc's solutions have been meticulously crafted to adhere to CNIL standards, ensuring compliance with formalities throughout the value chain. 

Regarding compliance declaration, we provide personalised support to our partners, including a proven governance model and networking opportunities with peers. This assistance enables our partners to save valuable time during the regulatory phase. 

Unstructured data analysis

Enabling you to reuse your unstructured data

codoc solutions incorporate a Natural Language Processing (NLP) pipeline for analysing unstructured data. 

This algorithm qualifies textual data: statements, negations, patient history for observations, diagnoses, examinations, etc. 

The NLP codoc pipeline is based on 10 yearsof research by the Institut Imagine's Data-Science platform.

Multimodal search engine

Save time with multimodal search

codoc has developed a multimodal search engine that allows you to quickly search through millions of structured and unstructured information from the data warehouse or data lake to which it is linked. 

Search engine technology combined with natural language processing algorithms enables precise searches by keyword, document type, date, department name, functional unit, or time constraint...

The three codoc guarantees

  • Transparency
  • Support
  • Traceability

With codoc, you keep control of the data produced by your establishment. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, our solutions give you complete control over how your data is used.

All our solutions are installed within our organisations in strict compliance with each establishment's IS policy.


With every project, user training is included, and codoc provides you with a dedicated multidisciplinary team, including a data project manager, a technical consultant, and a dedicated contact person.

Regulatory and communications advisors are available throughout the project.


Using a F.A.I.R* Data logic supported by our natural language processing (NLP) pipeline, codoc's solutions enable you to select the governance framework you wish to implement in your establishment and efficiently manage rights. 

Access can be configured according to the establishment's organisation, the data sources and the dates of arrival at the facility. 

* easy to Find, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

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All our solutions are designed to comply with the CNIL's standards, guaranteeing compliance with the formalities required by the administrative authority throughout the value chain.

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