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Consolidate and standardise the health data produced in the care journey


Make it easier and faster for healthcare professionals to reuse health data


Develop your clinical research activitiesand industrial partnerships


Simplify patient information and objectionmanagement

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Consolidate and standardise the health data produced in the course of care

The codoc solution enables you to group all the data in your HIS under an OMOP model, regardless of their format or original source, to exploit it for research easily. 

From reports and prescriptions to imaging and anatomopathological, codoc extracts harmonises, enriches and pseudonymises your data.

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    Access data and the organizatio's collective memory
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    Improve patient care monitoring
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    Make the development of multi-centric projects easier

"When the Clinical Research and InnovationDelegation (DRCI) needs the active files from the last five years by type ofpathology, for that very evening, fortunately, codoc warehouse exists"

Pauline Touche
Head of Data Unit, Hôpital Foch
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Accelerate and use health data easier

All the interfaces and tools in the codocsuite can be picked up and used quickly by as many people as possible, depending on the governance defined by the establishment. 

In just a few clicks, you can request data access or identify relevant data for a research or care project.

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    Develop and accelerate data-driven research projects
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    Make work more accessible and safer for healthcare professionals
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    Speed up the provision of quality data for research project

“An incredibly useful tool—well done to the team!For example, we're constantly using it for clinical research and identifyingcases similar to our patients!”

Françoise Denoyelle
Head of ENT Department, Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades

Develop your clinical research activity and your industrial partnerships

With the codoc suite, you can speed up all the tasks involved in running data research projects. 

Thanks to its many tools and multimodal search engine, the codoc suite of Apps can be used to search and identify data according to precise search criteria. 

With the codoc suite, you can streamline and enhance your clinical research activities, industrial partnerships, academic collaboration projects, and calls for projects

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    Provide a detailed report for feasibility studies and speed up response times
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    Easily find patients using search criteria and carry out pre-screening using multimodal search
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    Develop your research activity  

I can get an idea of the number of patients affected by my hypothesis in just a few minutes, querying ten times as many documents. Before, getting an answer would take several days and would be based on only a fraction of the available data

Marc Fischler
Head of the Anaesthesia, Emergency and IntensiveCare Unit, Hôpital Foch
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Simplify patient information and objection management

Informing patients and collecting objections during data studies is essential. The codoc suite enables you to automate and simplify this aspect of health data studies. 

With the transparency platform in the codoc suite, you can save valuable time on your projects while ensuring compliance with regulations and respecting patients' rights.

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    Track and automate patient information
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    Provide patients with comprehensive, personalised information
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    Simplify patient objection management
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"It's a fantastic transparency portal that's easy to set up and meets regulatory requirements".

Sophie Sebille
Head of the Data Unit, GHU Paris Psychiatrie

Des solutions adaptées aux acteurs de la santé

Bring all your healthdata together in a secure, interoperable warehouse

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    All healthdata is grouped in a health data warehouse that complies with GDPR standards

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    Restructure health data using language processing algorithms

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    Delete duplicates and mistakes in data entry

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    OMOP format

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    Data pseudonymisation

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    Data enhancement: managing negations and family history

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    Receive daily data updates from the health data warehouse

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    On-premises data hosting or in an HDS-certified cloud

Simplify and speed up the use of Health Data for Research and Care

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    An App for exploiting data from a health data warehouse or database

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    Access a 360° view of patient records

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    Exploring data using a multimodal search engine

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    Work on a pseudonymised dataset in a secure workspace that complies with GDPR standards

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    Create a patient cohort in just a few clicks

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    Speed up data access requests

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    Request access to a specific dataset

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    Create a restructuring questionnaire similar to an eCRF in just a few clicks

Personalise patient information and automate objection management
  • For patients
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    Secure identification with France Connect

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    Personalised information from their interface

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    Refuse in just a few clicks

  • For Healthcare organizations
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    Administration interface

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    Simplify patient objections and their collection

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    Make patient status management easier: information, refusal, etc.

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    Patient refusal alert

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    Automated objection management in accordance with GDPR and the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL)

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We've been using codoc for several years now, and it's been tremendously helpful in identifying patients within the hospital's extensive patient pool. It's also valuable for mapping outpatient care journeys, ensuring we understand their journey and the necessary treatments.

Additionally, it supports human resources in various departments by quickly providing a history of the patient's previous interactions and treatments, which is crucial for making informed diagnoses.
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Prof. Olivier Hermine
Head of Haematology and ImmunologyDepartment, Hôpital Necker
  • institut illu

    Research Institute

    Speed up your data research and study projects, make it easier for your teams to work together and conduct collaborative, multi-centric projects.

  • sante

    Healthcare organizations

    Reuse your establishment’s health data toimprove patient care and develop clinical research activities.

Institut de recherche

Accélérez vos projets de recherche et d’études sur données,  facilitez le travail de vos équipes et la conduite de projets collaboratifs et multi-centriques.

Etablissements de santé

Réutilisez les données de santé de votre établissement pour améliorer la prise en charge des patients et développer votre activité de recherche clinique.

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All our solutions are designed to comply with the CNIL's standards, guaranteeing compliance with the formalities required by the administrative authority throughout the value chain.

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